Busy Brain Syndrome

Do you have Busy Brain Syndrome? I know that it drives me crazy to wake up at 3am thinking about what I need to do or what happened the day before. It is hard to switch off when you are trying to sleep.  I try to stop this by creating lists before I go to sleep at night or write down my goals for the next day.   What also is helpful is to write out any ideas, frustration, etc because there is nothing worse than just about to fall asleep and then you think I can’t forget x.  If it wakes you up at night, keep a note pad by the bed to quickly jot it down so you can fall back asleep.

What I have also found is lack of sleep impacts your ability to lose weight effectively.  I don’t know about you but when I am tired, I find myself grazing on food which is my body’s way to try and wake itself up.  Caffeine doesn’t really help with this.  Drink a glass of water as fatigue is also a sign of dehydration.   So even if you got less sleep than you wanted, when you drink some extra water it can help you from feeling sluggish during the day.

If I need help to fall asleep at night, I have found that the Isagenix sleep support system helps me greatly without the feeling of being sluggish in the morning.  Watch this fun video below.

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