When you use something as suggested, it tends to work.   

I joined Isagenix after a friend told me about her great weight loss a year ago.  I used it and released 7 lbs really quick but then stopped using it as designed and gained it back.  SHOCKER!

I friend of mine, a month ago, asked me how my weight loss was going and I thought yikes as I was eating a piece of pizza with a Diet Coke.  She said she was going to sign up for an online program.  I thought I am going to give Isagenix another try, this time following the guidelines of two shakes a day with one meal and throw in a cleanse day once a week to get started.

Start Small

The first two weeks were challenging because I also decided if I was going to do this I was also going to give up my Diet Coke habit.   My sister had been pushing me for a year to do this.  She recently sent me this Forbes article about how bad it is.   Well reading it did the trick.  WOW was I angry that first week. I could feel myself during an irrational argument that something was just not right. It is amazing what a hold Diet Coke had on me.  I decided that maybe I shouldn’t have given up bread and Diet Coke at the same time.  I ran to the Aldi and picked up a loaf of fresh bread to get me through the week.  Just being honest here…

Week 3 and 4 went much smoother.  Diet Coke was out of my system and the loaf of bread was also gone.  The shakes helped curb the worst of my cravings and I was more mindful of eating out of boredom or just because I was watching TV.  The pounds started dropping off.   As of today, I am just shy of 10 lbs released.   I am sleeping better.  My hot flashes are less frequent and my energy has been really good even on cleanse days. 


I feel like I am on track and ready for month 2.  If you are interested in what Isagenix is about.  Check out this great video


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