As I started the second month of my weight loss journey, life seemed to get in the way.  While I didn’t gain much weight back from the 7lbs that I lost the month earlier, I didn’t make any additional progress to that loss.   I know I shouldn’t spend too much time looking at the scale but it is my nemesis.  I know I shouldn’t have let it derail me but I’ll be honest it isn’t very motivating to put the work in and not see any results.

I know that now that I’m 52, losing weight is not an easy task.  I have pre-menopause to deal with.  I also have finding the time to workout with a schedule that changes every day to look at.  But honestly these are just all excuses my mind plays on me to delay my results.  I never realized that your body and mind really work against you if you aren’t focusing on those little voices in your head.   Your body likes to be at a weight and when you lose the weight your mind is like – “hey eat some more so we can go back where we were.”

This month to me was ok – at least I didn’t fall completely off the wagon and gain it back plus some but I had 60 lbs to lose and now have 53lbs to go.  One thing that I’m getting excited about is being part of a new test group that my team is doing.  1500 people have signed up and will help hold each other accountable.  The goal is to get a jump start on weight loss prior to the holidays.  More to come in my next post.

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