Multiple streams of income is important – even people that have good jobs have seen their income shrink over time.   You can keep looking for new jobs to make more money but what if you like your job and just wish you could make some additional money?

This is the situation that I found myself in recently.  I like the company I work for but my income has decreased due to a number of factors.   Base salaries stayed flat, bonuses aren’t what they used to be, etc.  Bills still need to be paid, retirement needs to be saved for, college educations or vacations, you name it there is always something that comes up.  In the past, I might have started to look for a better paying job but to be honest, the pay always sounds good but a year over year w2 compare doesn’t really seem to pay out.  

Do you get a little sick to your stomach watching your 401k go up and down as the stock market is constantly going up and down.   There is an adjustment coming – most wealthy people are putting more into cash but where does that leave people like you and I?  The idea that we as a society are taught to overspend and over eat, cause a lot of financially stressed and overweight people.   It doesn’t take much for people to get hurt by a recession and it doesn’t need to be deep.  As the interest rates go up, so do the minimums on your credit cards – so now it takes more to pay off any debt you might have.  It becomes harder and harder to get yourself debt free.

What if you could create your own economy where you have the ability to make additional streams of revenue?  We need to become recession proof.  In order to do this you can’t be dependent on just one stream of income.  People have found that even having $500 makes a difference.   There are statistics that people dread going to work.  There are more heart attacks on Monday’s than on most other days  Do companies pay us just enough so we don’t quit and ado people work just hard enough not to get fired?

So what are your options?  Do you just get a second job?  Do you try and start up your own business?  The statistics of someone trying to start up their own business is terrifying.

The fast answer for what percentage of small businesses fail, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: about 20% fail in their first year, and about 50% of small businesses fail in their fifth year.  Most of these companies fail because the learning curve of starting and running a business is hard.  Coming up with a product that would sell or a service that people need is daunting…

What if you could start your own business without massive startup costs?  This is where Direct Selling organizations can help.  You have probably seen a few of these products or companies via your friends posting on Facebook or all over Pinterest. 

Direct selling companies like Rodan + Fields or Isagenix, take care of creating great products that work, distribution centers to ship products to your customers and even websites for them to order, pay tax, shipping, etc.  All we need to be really good at is communicating.   I started using both of these products a few years ago.  At the time, I signed up to be a consultant or associate mostly because it was the best way to get the very best discount.  I wasn’t an active seller of these products but more of a person that would share when someone noticed that my skin looked great or I had lost weight.

Back to trying to figure out how to make more money without changing jobs…this past year, I decided to stop being a passive seller but an active seller.  I wanted to see if this was actually possible.  Being honest, no matter what you might hear, you can’t make a lot of money just posting on Facebook a few times while sitting on your couch.  A very wise person recently said “You can’t make a million dollars with ten cents of effort” – Susan Sly.   In order to effectively sell – you need to become the product of the product.  We only make money when we are helping others achieve their goals.  We only make money when we help others make money.  Network Marketing can also be done at any age.  There are many people that are starting their businesses after their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

While there are a lot of people that try to sell, there are a much smaller percentage that take their businesses seriously.  Are you one of those people?  Do you have the drive to put the work in to build your business?  If you are then Direct Selling may be the right choice for you.   You need to work – this isn’t a sit on your butt Network Marketing because it takes work.  The friendships that you make during this journey is also such a side benefit.   I love the ability to contribute more to the charities that I support.  I also love the community of people helping and empowering others. 

Take a look at what you have been doing this year and how much time you are putting into the business?  Could you be having more conversations about the business/products that you can help?  Right now it is selfish not to be sharing Isagenix.   Health is not getting better in the  world.   The average person spends their last 10 years of their life in illness. The average American will go bankrupt with healthcare costs.  The time now is to build, saving money so when we go into another financial downturn (not if but when it always happens every 10 or so years) you can become a bit more recession proof that you are right now.

Look at the yourself  and provide an honest response and ask yourself how is your health? How is your savings/bank account? How are your relationships?  Are you stressed?  How are you sleeping – do random worries keep you up at night? How are your choices?  How is your freedom to pick up and take a vacation?

What creates happiness?  People are happiest when they are progressing.  What does Isagenix offer people – it offers them a chance to progress and grow – their health, fitness, wealth.  Rodan+Field’s helps people feel better in their own skin and get paid to wash your face and share.  I am not suggesting both but providing options based on your goals.

Unless we look at the results in your life – if you keep doing what you have been doing you will get what you have gotten.   Most people don’t have their ideal life, body, money but with Isagenix allow this to be an investment in yourself to get what you want and then help others around you to do the same.  How full is your cup?  Are you contributing as much as you can to people around you?

Get a chance to do the things you love.  Reduce the stress in your life by building a life that you can control not something that is controlled by your boss.

Take your Health, Finances and Life to the Next Level

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