There are so many great books written about mindset.   The first one was The Secret which I read years ago and thought “oh sure – I’m going to say I want a million dollars” and it will just happen.  I forgot about it for a few years and then took this great course that I’ve talked about before called Healthy Mind and Body.  I have also read Jen Sincero’s Bad Ass series of books and Rachel Hollis has a lot of great ones as well.   What can I say I love books.  I love it more when a strong women are great writers and are relatable.

Where was I?  Oh yes, I wanted to talk to you about listening to what the universe is telling you.  I have been falling out of like with my day job lately.  Not that I don’t enjoy it but it used to give me such joy.  What I realized is that the part that gave me joy was helping people.  As I moved into different roles, the connection that I once had helping my clients got farther and farther away.  I searched deep to figure out what was next.  I really didn’t want to go looking for another job at a different company.  I started to think that maybe I just needed to look deeper.  

I had been hearing about Digital Marketing and Direct Selling for a few years.  I love the products that I have found but I mean really – can you sell it by just posting on Facebook?  My upline in one of those products made it sound so easy.  What was easy was because I loved how those products made my skin look, others noticed and asked what the heck I was doing.   Organic growth of the skin care line grew that way.   Just sharing what I was doing.

In my weight loss journey, the products that I am using actually is what lead me to my “ah ha” moment.  I started to follow what my coach was doing in her business.  I saw the joy that she was getting by helping people achieve their goals of losing weight and/or financial freedom.  In seeing how she was doing this, she rarely posted anything about it on Facebook, I realized the answer the universe was putting out there was follow this path.  The path lead me to an amazing group of inspiring people all working to build their businesses with some really smart and talented people helping them. 

Everyone needs a coach/mentor.   I knew this from my “day job” but forgot about it in life in general.  So now I knew that I wanted to work on building my own business but where to start?  Well this amazing group of people had the answer.  I started to take 6 week class – 1 day a week we would learn about a topic then the homework came for us to finish before the next weeks class.   My inner voice decided after the first week to “kind of do this” and I got “meh” results.   I kept going to the classes and by week 4 I was finally in a place to listen and take action.

This past week I finished my companies new logo.  I registered for it as an official business and got an LLC.  I revamped a website I had been tinkering with so that I could get a running start into 2019.

If the universe is telling you something – you really need to listen and take action.  This is what The Secret was trying to tell me.  Not that if you think of a million dollars – you will just win it in the lottery but if you put in some sweat equity into your dreams – you have a great chance of achieving them.

What are your dreams?  What would you really love to do, if you could do anything that you wanted to do?  I would love to help you figure that out.  I am not an expert…yet but I can share with you the path that I took and see if it is one you want to take as well.

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