You decided to set an intention to get healthier in the New Year.  You have been buying organic and non-gmo products as best as you can. Now you are looking for that quick healthy travel friendly meal replacement.  What is in your protein shake or meal replacement bar?  Do you know?

To say there are plenty of options when it comes to meal replacement shakes is somewhat of an understatement—there are a ton to choose from. I have tried so many over the years without really thinking about where the ingredients come from.  I guess I was thinking well it says it healthy so the ingredients must be healthy too, right?  Not so fast!

Let’s start with the ingredients

Why Choose Whey from New Zealand Antibiotic-, Hormone-free Cows?  

What are the health and environmental risks involved when four out of five animals are routinely given antibiotics (regardless of whether they’re sick) and one out of five dairy cows are stimulated with hormones to produce more milk?

Growing evidence of antibiotic resistance due to routine use of antibiotics in animal feed – including for dairy cows – is increasingly worrisome for health policy makers as well as individual consumers. The routine use of hormones such as rBGH for milk stimulation also adds to the worry, because of limited evidence regarding long-term effects on human health.

Conscious consumers looking for alternatives to getting their protein and calcium needs from dairy can look to Isagenix, which provides whey and milk protein primarily from New Zealand. The use of rBGH is not allowed for use in dairy cows from New Zealand nor do the farmers in the country routinely use antibiotics (only if dairy cows are sick; which is not often due to the optimal conditions).

Choosing healthy, environmentally friendly dairy products are those that come from sources supporting the natural diet and lifestyle of dairy cows. Isagenix primarily uses dairy protein including whey and milk protein concentrate from New Zealand where standards remain high.

Dairy cows on New Zealand farms are free to feed on spacious pasture in a temperate climate and the pristine environment that the country naturally provides. Research has shown that when cows are fed their natural diet of grasses in this way, it also keeps them healthier in comparison to grain-fed cows on feedlots. The farmers’ milking process is also more humane and natural where the cows are milked only according to season (rather than being artificially impregnated constantly to maximize profits).

What’s more, the dairy cows from New Zealand are not given any hormones or antibiotics like other industrialized counterparts to increase growth and milk production. To further increase the quality, Isagenix only uses undenatured whey and milk protein to protect the protein’s natural flavor, as well as its naturally occurring fragile, biologically active peptides.

As if the threat of antibiotic resistance weren’t enough, the hormones that the animals are routinely given could also pose risk to the environment and human and animal health. It’s estimated that 80 percent of all feedlot cattle in the United States are injected with hormones to speed up their growth and, in the case of dairy cows, increase milk production.  To read more about the why Isagenix does this click here.

Update: Isagenix continues to source our dairy proteins (including whey protein) from New Zealand dairy farmers who raise their cows on pasture and don’t use routine antibiotics or hormones. However, to meet the demands of astounding Isagenix growth, we have also sought other suppliers in Australia and the U.S. who meet the same standards for dairy protein. While not “USDA certified organic” due to supplier limitations, we believe that our dairy protein quality exceeds most organic standards. As with any of our ingredients, our dairy proteins are always rigorously tested for their quality and to be sure they are safe. Rigorous testing is performed for microbial activity, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals. Safety and quality are our highest priority. 

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