Is it me or is all the news we receive daily have more negative than positive news?  Are people leading with fear, hate, distrust and assumptions vs. love, kindness, understanding and support?

We can allow all this negativity to run around in our thoughts, which can then take over our individual lives and the spill over to others that surround us or we can stop it in its tracks with how we react to it. 

You decide how to react.  You decide to listen to it vs. walking away or turning the channel or putting something different on the radio.  You decide.

What if we decide to not react with more negativity but show kindness and understanding to someone that is obviously dealing with something that is making them feel like they need to put someone else down to feel better about themselves.  Maybe they snapped at you because their lives are so stressed that you caught them at their breaking point and a little kindness might have changed their day for the better?

We can choose to look at things with a positive or negative lens.  I hear the thoughts that spin around my head and there are times I just have to stop them and take a pause to find something to be grateful about.

What if we spread Love and Joy instead of Hate and Anger?  What if we choose how to react?

I know it is not possible to be happy all the time because  there are just times that a good cry is needed.  Sad things happen but could we look at small bit of joy that might also exist?  Did a door get slammed in your face either at work where you didn’t get that promotion or you didn’t get the job you wanted?  Maybe this was the universe or God’s way of showing you a better path?  Maybe that even better job is around the corner but if you can’t see it because of the sadness or anger you miss it?  Maybe it is a sign to look into that passion project that you really wanted to find time to start but didn’t have any…now you do.

I was traveling recently and it felt that it was always raining or cloudy for the entire time that I was gone.  I was sitting on the plane heading home and wondering when was the last time I saw the sun.  As the plane broke through the clouds, I saw beautiful blue sky and it made me realize that no matter what there is always blue sky above the clouds.  I like that better than ever cloud has a sliver lining – I could never relate to that statement but seeing that blue sky above the clouds resonated with me.

There is always blue sky above the clouds

What if we were that blue sky?  What if we could be that ray of sunshine to someone else?  Did you know that the act of helping someone else even when you are at a low spot will make you feel better?  Is it possible to stop chasing the greed, stepping on people to get that next promotion, gossiping to put someone else down, treating people like they aren’t people and all the other terrible things that seem to be happening? 

I choose to believe that if we all look through that different lens and look to help others, treat people with kindness and just spread love in our words and actions – we can be that blue sky.

Let us break through them little by little until we can start seeing small patches of blue sky.  Let our blue sky chase away the grey storm clouds.  Let’s bring Love back.

I lost a friend a few years back because he couldn’t see the blue sky.  He decided to let the grey clouds win and took his life.  It was devastating.  Devastating because I lost a beautiful friend but it hurt my heart and sole that he felt that he couldn’t reach out for help or maybe I missed those signs.  I now look at negativity, sadness and anger as a cry for help.  You can too – pause don’t react then look deep into the other person with kindness, understanding and love.  They may not react the way you might expect but I have to believe that they will at some point pause and reflect on how you reacted.  Break through those grey clouds.

Let’s spread more kindness, love and understanding and be that blue sky.  Are you with me?

Find the Love
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