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Let’s resolve that this time you won’t need a vacation from your vacation.  

Years ago when I was in my workaholic phase, I never seemed to have time to take a vacation.   It was always the wrong time…

Sound familiar?

The best advice I received was if you plan the vacation a year in advance, you feel less guilty when the time arrives to go on vacation.   No matter what is going on at work, you can say – “well I planned this a year ago”.

What place have you been before that makes you relax?  For me it is anywhere near the ocean.   Just the sound of the waves crashing on the shore relax me.

Photo by Eepeng Cheong on Unsplash

There are so many people that I run into on vacation that try and cram so much into their time away, that they always seem to say they need a vacation from the vacation.  What if you actually slowed down? What if you just took time to sit and listen to the waves, feel the breeze, watch the palm trees sway in the breeze?

Relax you are on vacation.

My vacations have turned into mini mindset retreats for me.  I can tell when I have entered vacation mode when my mind is empty.  There are not to-do lists running through it, it is just silent.  My pace of walking slows down, my breath is deeper and a calm just comes over me – this is what relaxing feels like.

What if you were to use your vacation to start a new healthy habit?  I pack up my Isagenix shakes for my two meals…not only does it save on the cost of hotel food, you know that you are getting at least two healthy meals in.  I love to find the local fish because it just tastes so much better when someone else is cooking.  

Borrow a yoga mat and start the beginning or the end of the day remembering to relax.  Check out a great YouTube Yoga class that I found recently – Yoga with Adriene.  I love her as she has some great beginners programs and one thing you need to get used to is she doesn’t rush.  She forces you to slow down and breathe.

The stress of preparing to leave for vacation and the thought of the work when you get home is why someone very smart once told me “always take two weeks”…you spend the first two days of your vacation unwinding and the last two thinking about getting back to work…that only leaves 3 days if you just took 7 days.

You are probably thinking 2 weeks, that is crazy!  Trust me once you do it, you will never go back to those long weekends or 1 week vacations again.  Take the time and do something good for yourself, your family, your kids.  

Relax you are on vacation

Could you do it?  Give it a try…you will thank yourself for it.  You will come back refreshed, relaxed and will be more productive for it.  Just breathe.

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