Having a Bad Day? Don't let it turn into a Bad Week...

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As much as we can focus on a positive mindset, bad days happen.  Earlier this week I was feeling frustrated and just in a bad mood.  I don’t know what caused it or why I was reacting the way I was reacting…I just knew that I was overreacting.  Has this ever happened to you?

So how can you get yourself out of this mood?  First allow yourself to feel what you are feeling.  Just because all the books on mindset want you to focus on being positive, no one can be positive 100% of the time.  Just don’t allow this mood to ruin your week or cause you to spiral deeper.  Bad days can cause you to snap at people you love, co-workers, etc so it is important to understand that you are having a bad day and take a pause or beat before spewing your bad day on everyone you come in contact with.  There is nothing worse than after getting over a bad mood, having to go back around and apologize for your bad mood 🙂

Once you have allowed yourself to feel what you are feeling, the determination of potential causes is also important or you can’t easily shake the mood.  Lack of sleep, stress, someone that is transferring their stress onto you, feeling overwhelmed on tasks that need to be completed, lack of sunlight and fresh air, poor diet and/or too much social media and general negativity…all these areas can cause a mood to darken.

Step 1 – Show yourself some love.  Step away, maybe go outside and get some sunlight and take a walk around the block.  To pull myself out of my dark thoughts, when I go for a walk – I try and look for something like spring growth or a random color.  It is kind of like that game “I spy”, you start to focus on finding that that you forget your mood for a moment.

Step 2 – Take a Social Media break.  There are just days when most of all posted or talked about is just negative.  Either find some cute pet posts/videos or just take a break and read a book, find a great yoga class on YouTube.  My favorite is Yoga by Adriene – she has one for everything including a bad mood.  Point is just to change your focus for a period of time.

Step 3 – Address your feelings of stress or feeling overwhelmed.  Make a list and tackle the hardest item first.  You might be thinking why?  I will bet that that item that you have been putting off might be the thing that is causing you to stress the most.  Procrastination and then the guilt of knowing you are procrastinating causes stress and also might be the reason for that bad mood.

Step 4 – Step away from the Caffeine.  Drink some water or make a nice cup of decaffeinated tea.  The process of making tea and holding that warm cup is soothing and takes your focus away from the thoughts inside your head.  I like to have some warm Ionix.  It helps protect your body against the negative effects of stress and supports clarity and focus for me.

Step 5 – Get a good night sleep.  Go to bed a bit earlier than usual.  Change up that bedtime routine maybe with a good soak in the tub, some relaxing before bed stretching/yoga.  That nice cup of tea will help.  The goal is to stop thinking about what got you in the bad mood to begin with.  Sometimes I will focus my brain by thinking of a blank piece of paper…just thinking of nothing, it is harder than it seems but the struggle to do this will help change what you are thinking about as well.

In the end, regardless of which steps you chose…the only way to get out of a bad mood is to decide to do it.   Just let it go…be kind to yourself.  The people around you will thank you.  Hugs always help.

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash
Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash
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