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Keep moving forward even if progress seems slow…because forward is still easier than starting over.

As we get older, what seemed to be easy gets harder.  This is true when it comes to weight loss for some of us.  It can be discouraging when you seem to be doing all that you can, eating healthier, moving more…but the weight is slow to come off or you are stuck at a plateau for a while.

The temptation might be to give up and just accept that these 10, 20, 30+ pounds will just be around forever.   DON’T

Don’t give up!

Forward Progress is still Progress

Giving up will only delay your progress and make it harder.  When you hit a plateau or your weight loss slows, it may just be your body resetting to its new lower weight.

Now is the time to take a second look into what you are eating and how much you might be moving.  Leveraging a food tracker for a few days, will allow you to see if you have been increasing your food intake.  Maybe you are actually eating too little which is causing your metabolism to slow…

Now is the time to shake things up a bit based on the results of your tracking…increase or decrease your food for a few days.  Tweak your carbs or fats – check your ratios and tweak them.

Are you drinking enough water?  The number of ounces of water should be half your weight.  Example: If you weigh 180 lbs – 90 oz is ideal.

Have you been doing more strength training than cardio?  Maybe it is time to look at your Non-Scale Victories (NSV).  Have you been losing inches?  Not everything should be based on what the scale tells you…unless you have one of those great scales that measures more than pounds.  You may be increasing muscle and still be losing fat – this will show up in your measurements.

Another option to shake things up might be to do a nutritional cleanse day.  I talked about this in another one of my blogs called Does Cleansing Work.  

Many people choose to cleanse because they want to lose weight.  This should not be the number one motivator.  Giving the body a rest, assisting our systems with clearing out excess waste, and focusing on overall health should be the primary reasons to cleanse; releasing fat should just be a good secondary outcome however with the right system – fat loss can be a solid benefit.

Isagenix(tm) is one of the few companies out there that puts its money where its mouth is.  There are numerous clinical studies on the benefits of the program with results that include greater fat loss, increased visceral fat loss, reduction in oxidative stress, improved stamina, and much more.  Details of those studies can be found here.

The reality is that everyone’s body is different and the only way to truly find out if Isagenix(tm) is going to work for you is to try it.  Customers generally start with a 30 Day Cleansing System or Value Pack if they tend to want to snack and have other family members who may want to try the products.  If you have never experienced Isagenix(tm), you can begin your journey here.

What ever you try or do, please don’t give up…you have got this!  I am glad to help if you need it.

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