What is Direct Selling?

In today’s online environment, there are a number of companies that leverage direct selling.  They have found that this can be even more effective than traditional advertising or securing retail shelf space.  It allows anyone to build an independent business with low startup and overhead costs.   All you need to do is to connect people with the products and most of these companies support the online store, inventory and shipping of these products.

I honestly wasn’t looking to become a Consultant or Coach.  I just wanted to get access to new product and when I did my research, I realized that for a small investment I could save an extra 15% over becoming a preferred customer (10%).  25% off all these awesome products…I thought sign me up and I was a “discount” consultant.

What If?

This thought kept going through my mind.  What if I spent a few hours a day/week thinking about my various contacts and shared these awesome products with them.  Few more customers signed up.

What if? 

I invested a bit of money into this business of mine and created a website, blog, facebook page…what if I found a great tool to manage my contacts and business with.  Few more customers signed up.

My starting out as just a discount consultant has now opened up a lot of new possibilities.  I had always thought of myself as an introvert and as I started to get older I realized that my list of friends started to shrink as people get busy in their day to day lives.   Direct Selling provided me a new reason to get out and met some really amazing people.

Imagine being able to work anywhere you want.  All you need is an internet connection and a phone.  Maybe you want to spend more time doing something you love so you can spend more time with your family.  Maybe you just really love the products and want to get paid to wash your face or showcase your weight loss.  Maybe you want to turn this into a full time gig…the Maybe’s are endless.   What is your “what if” or why?

When looking for a great Direct Selling product, it is important to be the product of the product.   I fell in love with the two products above because they helped me do one thing – Age Better.

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